Carol Powell and the road of fables

Carol Powell is local long beach artist I randomly discovered while having a coffee at Sipology in Long Beach.

Her work is all painted or stitched onto canvas, cut into circles and other odd shapes and hung straight onto the walls. It has endless layers of fabric collage,  stitched pieces, paint and images of girls and their fairytale companions, all laced with little lines of text.

If Gary Basement, the Clayton Brothers and Mark Rysden had a stitch’n’bitch while listening to fairytales on tape, they would end up with Powell’s intricate and layered fabric collages. In fact, maybe if all the above were just born female. Powell’s work could quite happily fit into the LA Art scene, but also is inspired by fairytale and fable, much like Kiki Smith, Powell seems to use fairytale to weave her own life into a kind of story that will have a happy ending, but has many questions along the way, that need to be overcome by magic, 3 turns and perhaps a prince.

pay attention to where you are going

About CT

Claire Townsend is a freelance costume designer/maker and theatre practitioner.
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2 Responses to Carol Powell and the road of fables

  1. carol says:

    hi I just found this! thanks so much for writing about my art, Claire. If you want to see new things, I am having a solo show in Santa Monica at Bleicher Golightly, 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA. the opening is June 25th starting at 6p and goes till 10p. the show will be up till July 8th, if you can’t make it to the opening.

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